Tyrant (bitterreign) wrote,

My To Do List for the year.

Finish School. this is a big one.

Reconnect with the Human Race, life is too short to isolate yourself. Be Happier, Calm. Use my Time more Wisely.

Get a Better job. not so sure this is going to happen this year or not, I've been @The Cloud so long now. (Almost 10 years) I love the job and the people but the pay and the people suck (Yeah I said it twice).

I'm working on album 3 of my Kult Trilogy I need to get that done so I can move on to other things, like the HATA Project with Jacinto and Tym. I'm hoping I can get my Laptop fixed sometime soon so I can go jam with other (local) people. After I finish this trilogy though I need to concentrate my efforts on other things, Maybe use the entire year to work on HATA, take it slow and make it something good.

I've started writing again, this is good. Short pieces, more ideas than anything, but hopefully some of them will sprout into other things. Cannibalizing Th Hve for useful bits. Cosmology design is a pain in the ass. I've started a Wiki and I'm planning on doing all the design online, though I carry a (paper) notebook to jot ideas down on the ride to work. I came to the conclusion that Th Hve was too big to write, it was like trying to cram every idea I had in my head into one setting. I'm keeping this one a little more "real" but leaving a lot of room to grow if it works out.

I wish I had "My People" close by.

Get rid of half the crap in the garage, keep the table and TV though =) Do a MAJOR spring cleaning.

Thats all I can think of off the top of my head. Back to the Grind.

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