Tyrant (bitterreign) wrote,

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I'm Baaaaaaaaaaack!

Heya all

Been gone for awhile, but I have returned! yay me, feel free to hit me up if you still remember me!, can't say I'll be here too much, as I don't blog, but I did always prefer LJ to Facebook and MySpace.

For the most part you can find me over on slave-state.org

  • Entropic Signals

    18:20 Very little play on the new album. Guess its time for a new hobby #

  • Entropic Signals

    18:54 @ anomalousdomain Bohren is amazing, I can't wait for more. # 18:56 Social gathering... must remember to smile # 18:57 @ tjmasiakowski…

  • Entropic Signals

    23:17 Listening to: "Complete Kult Trilogy @ Th Hddn | Black Ocean Audio Nest"( twitthis.com/j4gprx ) #

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